Summer Karate Camps

Summer Camps 2019

Intro to Martial Arts UMA Karate Summer Program:

This 12 week summer program will introduce new students to the thrill of Martial Arts. This class will emphasize the basic development of the child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being through the integration of physical education, self-defense and general martial arts concepts. Students will receive a new Martial Arts uniform and can attend any of our beginner classes up to 3 times per week.
June 3rd thru Sept 1st See School Schedule for Class Times $250

Open Mat training:

One hour of open mat time with Instructor supervision.
Every Friday from June 14th -August 31st @ 3:00-4:00 Drop in fee of $10.00 per student

Ultimate Competitor Camp:

Do you love to compete? Do you want to become a better competitor? If so, then this camp is for you! Every day students will go through drills to improve their techniques and become more confident in their competitive performance. Students will learn how to bow in to a ring and introduce themselves to the judges.
June 3rd – June 6th @12:30-3:00 $150

Xtreme Martial Arts:

Learn about the most popular aspects of Martial Arts today in this Xtreme Martial Arts camp. This camp will be split into 2 parts each day. The students will spend time with gymnastics coaches each day learning beginning and advanced gymnastics skills. Next students will work with instructors to integrate the gymnastics techniques into their Martial Arts skills and forms. Students will also learn a new competitive Xtreme Martial Arts Form taught only to the Xtreme campers.
June 10th -June 13th Stillwater @ 12:30-3:00 $150

SuperHero Training:

Campers can dress daily as their favorite Superhero or create a New Superhero from our costume supplies! Students will spend time learning basic tumbling skills, basic weapons skills and advanced Martial Arts Superhero skills. Camp will have Superhero themed games, crafts, snacks and activities each day. Each day campers will create an obstacle course, learn to fly and then test their agility as they brave and attempt to master the Xtreme Superhero obstacle course! Campers will be able to create their own superhero comic book with pictures and story to keep! 4-6 years old.
June 17th -June 20th @ 12:30-3:00 $175

Weapons/ Weapons Design: (Pick Two: Bo Staff, Nunchux, Sword, Kama):

This camp will allow students at beginning and advanced weapons levels to learn more about a variety of Martial Arts weapons. Students will have the opportunity to work with Bo staff & Chux in camp. Students not only learn more about how to properly use each weapon, but they will also learn about the origin and history of each weapon. Includes two of the following- Graphite Bo, Chux, Sword or Kamas for students to decorate and design. Paint, Grip Tape and Flashy Tape provided to campers!
June 24th -June 27th 12:30-3:00 $190

UMA Future Instructors: (AGES 10-16 yrs)

Do you think your child would be a good Martial Arts Instructor? This camp is a great way for teens to learn more about how to become a successful Martial Arts instructor and teach a great Martial Arts class. Teens will learn more about developing a class curriculum, overseeing a classroom, adapting to student’s needs, correcting students in a positive manner and testing students for their requirement stripes. Ultimate Martial Arts develops all of its instructors and original curriculum through our program and staff; maybe your child could be the next great Martial Arts instructor!
June 1st – August 31st Total of 10hrs to be split up during regular class time of your choice $175

All camps include daily snacks.
Call or stop in office for details and sign up forms.
Limited space available so sign up today!