Children's Martial Arts Programs

Does your child need help with...

Internal Confidence to do what they know is right when they are Undoubtedly Put To the Test?

Self-Esteem to Truly Believe They Can Become Anything They Set Their Mind To?

Mental Toughness To Know How to Stand up to Bullying Behavior Without Violence?

Ability and Know-How And Constant Practice To Set and Achieve Short, Intermediate and Long Term Goals?

Physical Fitness That Will Help Them Feel Good About Their Body and Participate In Any Sports Activity That They Want To Play?

Concentration Skills to Maintain Excellent Grades At School?

We are here to help!

Ultimate Martial Arts Academy

Ultimate Martial Arts specializes in helping ALL people, including children, facing these types of adversities through comprehensive professional karate instruction and personalized Children’s Martial Arts programs. Our staff of highly trained Black Belts have the ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. Our instructors will help develop skills to overcome adversities and will teach focus, discipline, respect for self and others, loyalty and goal setting. These are life skills that will last a lifetime, not a season.

Our existing students and parents continue to tell us how impressed they are at the their personal growth or that of their child. Parents have seen significant increases in the child’s grades, their attention to detail and overall behavior since their child enrolled at our schools.

We pride ourselves in the complete personal development of each student in addition to maximizing their self defense skills. We work with our students to be aware of dangerous situations, how to avoid threats personally and with loved ones. We work with children who are being bullied giving them the confidence they need to stand up for themselves in a non-violent manner. These are skills that everyone should learn and Ultimate Martial Arts is the best place to develop all these skills in a fun and safe environment.

Also, we offer classes 6 days a week for all ages and ability levels. There are many class options at different times and students have the flexibility to attend when it’s convenient to them.