Ultimate Martial Arts UMA Stillwater Karate Training

At Ultimate Martial Arts UMA Stillwater Karate we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, practical and advanced martial arts instruction available. Our goal is to teach our students Self Defense techniques, along with Honor, Loyalty, Respect and Discipline – skills that will serve them a lifetime.

Ultimate Martial Arts Karate offers programs for Preschoolers, Children, Teens and Adults with the finest Black Belt instructors dedicated to their students and providing the best possible Martial Arts Training Guaranteed!

Offering the most cutting edge training, UMA Karate offers Gymnastics training, Weapons, Competition, Forms, Sparring and Ground Defense training with our all inclusive Martial Arts programs. Classes taught by 3rd Degree Black Belt Ben Saunders.

Programs for the entire family:

  • UMA Karate
  • SuperKids PreSchool Karate
  • Ultimate Birthday Parties
  • Summer Camps
  • Flexible Schedule with classes 6 days a week
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UMA Stillwater

5595 Memorial Avenue North Oak Park Heights, MN 55082

Call Us For A Free Private Class! 651-439-0093